What is Bitcoin

Bitcoin was first unveiled on January 3, 2009. Today, the most invested crypto currency is bitcoin. Bitcoin, which has not been well known in the history of the market, is known to everyone with the rise that it has caught in the last 2-3 years. Bitcoin, which shows a rapid rise or fall in a short period of time, seems dangerous for the investor, but investors are usually long term. Bitcoin is a virtual currency.

Therefore it is not connected to any bank. Buying and selling transactions through Bitcoin can not be controlled by the states. Many people are reluctant to buy a bitcoin because one BTC is about $ 8,253 (actual price).

Getting bitcoin is pretty easy. Since this currency is completely virtual and it is impossible to buy a bitcoin in any specific way. Instead, there are many internet sites that offer bitcoin buy-sell services. These internet sites provide users’ bitcoin services in response to various commissions they receive. So if you want to buy bitcoin you can work with such a helpful website. Nevertheless, before you purchase, you should investigate the reliability of the website you choose. Because many cheaters aware of the demand on bitcoin, say bitcoin sells, but even if you pay these people, your bitcoin does not reach your account. So you should definitely look at the history of the web site you are going to trade bitcoin and the old payouts you made to its users. Otherwise, you can also be defrauded.

Bitcoin Stock Exchange is working 24 hours per week. Therefore, you can trade at any time by entering your bitcoin account, you can increase your profit at this point. The internet sites you receive, serve as an option for you to withdraw your bitcoins from your bank account.

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