What is Bitcoin Miner

Bitcoin is the most profitable type of coin in recent times. The bitcoin, which has attracted the attention of many people with its rise in a short period of time, is currently being watched by billions of people around the world. Bitcoin, the crypto currency that is much more and more rapid than the real currencies, is the virtual currency that has lost most of its time and lost at the same time.

There are 2 options that users can do to win bitcoins or increase their winnings. The requesting user can make purchases and sales to earn income from bitcoin. The users can also earn over the bitcoin type by using mining devices called “Bitcoin Miner”. The devices named Bitcoin miner have begun to be produced within the last year together with the widespread of bitcoin. Bitcoin miner devices, which solve the bitcoin passwords by means of various softwares and algorithms, are sold at different prices according to the mining power and electricity productions.

If you want to buy a bitcoin mining device, you should first consider how much you want to earn on a monthly basis. Because you will choose your device accordingly. The more the mining power of your device, the more noise it produces and the more electricity it produces. Mining speed is from small to large MH / s GH / s and TH / s. Generally, devices that mining over MH units can earn only $ 2-3 per month.

Devices running at GH / s yield up to an average of $ 100. In order to earn monthly income of $ 100 or more, you should definitely use at least 3-4 TH / s mining power devices. In the Mining Calculator section of the website “Alloscomp” you can quite simply calculate how much your bitcoin miner will earn on a daily, monthly and yearly basis.

You can see your average income after you have paid the electricity price from the price you have met here.

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